Awesome Vocal Effect with Doubled Vocals


Producing vocals is an art form of its own. Adding strategic layers of vocals can create huge impact to the sound. In case the song doesn’t seem to work in terms of the vocal arrangement, this is totally something to experiment with. In this video I show you how to do a cool effect with doubled vocals.

Hear how the vocals seem utterly boring when the double is muted? Case in point how simple double can bring so much more to the mix. The vocal sound changes into more interesting and fitting into the song.

It’s not that clear that there are two vocal tracks going on at the same time though. The listener doesn’t think like that. Average listeners finds the vocal sound to be interesting and cool, that’s all.

However, to create the desired effect, there are few things to take into consideration. The first and the most important thing is to sing the part exactly the same way twice. The double has to be exact copy of the first vocal take.

Why this matters? Because otherwise it will sound like two different vocals on top of each other. That’s a whole different approach. In this case, you don’t want to hear any differences between the vocal tracks.

The second thing to do, is to route these both vocal tracks into a bus, let’s call it the vocal bus. In this bus, you want to either compress or limit the vocals so that they sort of blend in together. Compression or limiting works as a glue. Otherwise you can mix the vocals as you see fit.

Hopefully you found this video helpful. If there’s anything you want me to cover in the future videos let me know. Send me an email or leave a comment below. Ask if there’s anything unclear or if I left something out. Cheers!

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