How to Edit Drums in EVERY DAW


When you’re editing drums, you still want the recorded tracks to be as close to the final thing as possible. Think editing as a polisher rather than a fixer. However, editing can take sloppy, amateur drums and make them sound more professional. This is because a sloppy drifting beat can be edited to the grid – if that’s the goal.

In this video I show you how to edit drums in every DAW. Once you get the idea, it’s yours to decide how closely and tightly you want to edit your in your own projects. You’re also going to hear how editing makes the beat better sounding and not at all robotic or static as some might think.

Hopefully you found this post helpful. If there’s anything you want me to cover in the future videos let me know. Send me an email or leave a comment below. Ask if there’s anything unclear or if I left something out. Cheers!

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