Mixing with Mixbus Processing: Huge Difference with Just a Few Plugins!


Mixbus processing means adding plugins to your master output – thus affecting all the tracks and the mix as a whole. There’s two approaches to this. Some like to do it before any other mixing is done, others like to leave it right at the end of mixing process. The approach is quite similar, but both of them have their place and purpose. In this video you’ll learn how the mixbus processing is used in both ways:

I used to apply mixbus processing right at the beginning of my mixing process and after that move on to the individual tracks. Lately I’ve been doing the opposite. Both ways work really well.

If done in the beginning, the point is to try and take the raw tracks closer to finished mix as a whole. In case the mix sounds too dark, make it brighter, if it sounds too boomy, dial down the low end. You want to keep it subtle, little moves goes a long way. Keep in mind that EQ in Mixbus affects all the tracks. A -3dB cut in Mixbus equals -3dB cut in each track of your song.

Whereas when Mixbus EQ is done after all the individual tracks have already been mixed, the point is to polish already good sounding mix. Usually this way the changes are smaller. This is where you can do the final tonal tweaks to the mix before mastering.

You can compare the overall sound to a commercial professional mix and adjust the sound based on that. For example, I usually find myself cutting some of the harsh frequencies and adjusting the low end at this point. 

The approach to using compression is pretty much the same in each cases. Either way, most of the time it’s best to keep the compression mild. The point of compression is to glue the tracks together a bit, but also to add some energy and punch. Over compressing will suck the life out of your mix.

Either way, Mixbus processing is something to experiment with, if you don’t already do so. In the beginning it gives you big wins, confidence boost and far better sounding mix. In the end it’s your chance to tweak the overall sound of the mix and take it even further.

Hopefully you found this video helpful. If there’s anything you want me to cover in the future videos let me know. Send me an email or leave a comment below. Ask if there’s anything unclear or if I left something out. Cheers!

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